Welcome to NTF

From a modest beginning with making public the personal library of renowned litterateur Late Nanda Talukdar in 1996, the Nanda Talukdar Foundation(NTF) has come a long way in the past 21 years to emerge as a name to reckon with in Assam, specially in the sphere of Publication, Contemporary Social History Research, Social Audit, Media Advocacy and Ground level intervention through creation of Model Village.

Today the Nanda Talukdar Foundation has emerged a focal point of both as advocacy as well as intervention and their area of activities is spread both horizontally and vertically first in Assam and then slowly in other parts of the North East India.

  The Roots

For the Assamese literature, this is considered as one of the final frontiers. No research on Assamese literature is complete without the Foundation's help. The Foundation is the treasure house of the Assamese literature of the early nineteenth century to the twentieth century, where scientifically the documents, journals and books are preserved through digitalization as well as conventional method.

Systematic research are being carried out on the Assamese literature beside helping almost every single major publication of the Assamese literature in the past one and half decade.

The entire collection was the life long creation of Late Nanda Talukdar who died in a tragic car accident in 1983 but his immediate family carried on his work and gave the shape of the Foundation making it open for every researchers of the Assamese literature.

As the years have passed by, so is the role of the foundation, it has now grown to an institution which has specialized in doing social audit on the micro credit and rural economy besides highlighting the success stories both through academic dissection as well publication targeting ordinary masses.

Moreover, in an attempt to revive the reading habit, the publication wing of the NTF have been activated as both children literature, academic research books as well as travel handbooks are being published.


Smart Village Barsimaluguri

Smart Village Barsimaluguri

NTF partnering with IIFCL-HIMCON has adopted the Borsimlauguri village of insurgency infested Baska districts of Assam and turned this backward village into the first smart village of North-East, India.

The intervention includes, sanitation, water, solar and skill development works besides series of camps for Human Resource Development. The village has also seen the first RO based water treatment plant ever used in any village of the North East India. For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/borsimaluguri

NTF joins hand with ACTED-EU


The NTF has joined hands with ACTED to work in a 42 months long project on "Improving access to information of public schemes in backward districts in India" in seven backward districts of the region. They are Lawngtlai(Mizoram), Chandel & Churandchandpur(Manipur),Wokha(Nagaland), Ri-Bhoi(Meghalaya) and Cachar & Goalpara(Assam). The other partners are NEICORD and PAC. The project is being supported by European Union (EU) and this is for the first time NTF is expanding to other development sector from its core sector of research and documentation.

Social History Project

A six volume 'Social History of Assam' which will focus on the period between (1945-2005). pictures Each of the volume will handle a decade and there will be a time line of events also in the series, which is first of kind as there are no history on the post independence Assam. The leather bound set is expected to see the lights of the day by mid 2014. (See Photo)


The core competency of the Nanda Talukdar Foundation is the digitalisation of the nineteenth century Assamese litterateur. As the Foundation is the home for the sole surviving copy of “Ounodoy”(1846) and “Jonaki”, “Bahi” all these have been carefully digitalised, cleaned and stored for posterity. It is now looking for suitable partner to take it to newer height.

Social Audit

This is a new concept. In every single government projects, the biggest stakeholders are the ordinary people pictures who have no stake whatsoever in these project although the projects are meant for them. Through the social audit, the project is audited from the social point of view. The Foundation is the pioneer in this regard and have done social audit on various rural development projects of SIRD, CAPART and World Bank.